Fowler, Inc. is a professional engineering consulting company specializing in metallurgical analysis, failure analysis, material science and experimental testing.  The company was founded in 1985 by Gary J. Fowler, Ph.D., a registered professional metallurgical engineer with over 30 years of experience.  The consulting staff consists of M.S. and Ph.D. level engineers specializing in multiple areas of metallurgy, material science, failure analysis and related engineering sciences.  Collectively, the engineering consultants at Fowler, Inc. have over 100 years of consulting experience performing examinations of components and mechanical systems.

Fowler, Inc. has completed engineering analyses for clients throughout the world.  Our engineering staff performs evaluations using the in-house laboratory facilities and equipment or travels to locations for an in-field analysis.  A typical evaluation includes determining the cause for damage of a complex mechanical system (e.g. analysis of a failed gas turbine engine) or perhaps a single component (e.g. corroded brake line).  Field inspections of mechanical systems such as aircraft, automobiles or heavy equipment are often followed by detailed laboratory examinations and testing of individual components.

The company operates from a 9,100 square foot facility in Gardena, California conveniently located to Los Angeles International Airport.  Facilities are dedicated for laboratory examinations, inspections, experimental mechanical testing, wreckage layout and meeting with clients.  Sufficient space is available for analyzing components and mechanical systems that range in size up to an airplane, ship container and automobile.  Examinations involving multiple participants are conducted in convenient and secure areas.

Some examples of evaluations performed by the engineering staff of Fowler, Inc. include:

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